The Story of How We Started

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Your brain is the only thing you truly own. We want everyone to realize that and start to it that way.

Following her doctoral research in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, our founder traveled the country working in the industry helping companies and universities evaluate behavior, as well. Their research spanned across multiple species, from bugs and fruit flies to pigs, rodents, primates, humans, etc.

One day, she was highly stressed, had strange stomach pain and decided to lie down. "When I tried to get up I shook with pain and couldn't move." Upon examination, she was informed that she had 3lbs of benign tumors, called uterine fibroids, in her abdomen. A former Division 1 scholarship athlete, she was in shock that at only 32 years of age, she had to use a cane to get in and out of bed.

"It donned on me that my ailments were actually related to cognition and behavior. I'd spent years using my degree to help others but never myself. And, even with an incredibly detailed base of knowledge, there was a missing link that I had not yet discovered at that time."

So she had the tumors removed and decided to use herself and the people around her as subjects in a natural experiment. (Sounds crazy, but it really worked!)

She dug into scientific publications, visited doctors and tried tons of recommended & self-made remedies over a 3 year period. Most "remedies" were hocus pocus and didn't work whatsoever, but the ones that worked made a huge difference! Finally, after 2 years of personal research, the correlates of optimal well-being were discovered!

After figuring out the root causes, she looked around and realized that everyone she knew was living with similar root issues, rearing their ugly heads in different forms, depending on personal genetic differences. So she started The Outsmart to educate people about how their brains work. "I taught Anatomy + Physiology to undergraduate nursing students as I worked on my Doctorate which helped to connect all of the dots. If people just knew how their brains worked and applied that knowledge to their lives, they would see an incredible amount of positive benefit."

So The Outsmart was born then, out of Love for Humanity.

If we could teach 100% of the time for free, we would... we believe this information is that important.

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